Mela: When I grow up I want to be a Doctor, Mika: When I grow up I want to be an elephant
Mela & Mika

Mommy, You smell like rainbows

Mommy: Can you guys hurry up and get in the car, it’s late and who knows if there are weirdos out!
Mela: What are their names?
Mela Kalei

Mom, Santa Clause looks brown at he?
Mela Kalei

Mika: Mommy, you want pallo? (spanking)
Mommy: No, why?
Mika: Slaps mommy…
Mommy: What are you doing?
Mika: Give Mela your phone NOW!

Mommy: Kiss, I’m going hiking
Maya: Have fun Mommy!
Mommy: OK!
Maya: Don’t forget the most important part “FUN”!

Mela / Maya: Mommy, where’d Dad go?
Mommy: Don’t worry, he’ll be back quick
Maya: Why, did he just go to cut his bangs?
Mela: You mean Dad’s going to cut bangs like Justin Beiber?
Maya: I can’t wait to see!!!
Mommy: WHAT?!? LOL
Maya & Mela

Mommy: Let’s plan a family vacation!
Maya: Sounds good, but I don’t do Mondays!
Mommy: What?!?!?!!! LOL!

Mommy: Maya, come here I want to cuddle
Maya: Get a pillow!

Maya: Mela, what do you want for your birthday?
Mela: A rainbow car with lots of colors!
Mommy: what was that?
Mela: Mom, I said money…
Maya & Mela

Maya: Mommy, I know grandma’s jean size!
Mommy: Ohyea? What is it?
Maya: 10 1/2
Mommy: 1/2 sizes in jeans?
Maya: Yah, some time ago she was a 10!

Dad: Mela you’re going to be 4yrs old in three days, do you want a bike?
Mela: No, I want a jumper with a slide
Dad: Not for the party, as a gift
Mela: Ohh, ok….I just want money Dad (and smiles)
 Mela Kalei

Maya: Mela, do you want a cracker?
Mela: No, I want music!
Mommy: Mika, do you want a cracker?
Mika: No, I want food!
Tres Marias!

Mommy: What are you girls doing?
Mela: Our makeup!!
Mommy: What?!
Maya: We’re just doing our makeup, get out of our fantasy!
Mela & Maya

Maya: MmmM what’s that smell? It smells good!
Mommy: Like what? (it’s a new car freshener)
Maya: Like Daddy’s clean hairy armpit
Mommy: WTH?!
Maya Beezy